What Is InspiringBlackMen.com all about?

Each and everyday we are bombarded by all kinds of negative images of Black men in the media. Very rarely are we graced with the millions of success stories of Black men all over this country who are working hard, getting an education and doing everything they are supposed to do in order to take care of their families. These are men who can very easily stand head and shoulders with our new President Barack Obama. As a matter of fact to mainstream America many might think that President Obama is a rarity among the Black culture. But the truth is there are millions of Black men all over America who are just like President Obama so far as their educational accomplishments and business success. That is why we have created InspiringBlackMen.com to create a mechanism in which to begin showcasing and celebrating the men in our local communities who are very well deserving of the same kind of recognition that our professional athletes, entertainers, politicians and business tycoons experience.

The Solution

For as long as I can remember there have been very few instances that I can recall where the Positive Success of everyday black men in our local communities throughout America have been showcased and celebrated. Resulting in what I call the “Invisible Man Phenomenon”. We know these hard working men are out there everyday striving to make a living and provide for their families. But it seems the negative news stories overshadow the many Positive Successes these Invisible Men are achieving everyday.

Well, that is the basic catalyst upon which I have been motivated to develop this special website. I feel the Black Male has so much to celebrate and showcase even though the mainstream media does not cover very much of this topic.
And in doing so we will be able to inspire, motivate and educate other African American men, women, boys and girls to achieve their dreams in life.

We sincerely feel that by providing many, many solid examples of Black Men who are Living The Dream and who have achieved success in America. We will be able to gradually give Hope to countless thousands of men, women, girls and boys. all over this country, who have yet to achieve their dreams in life and who might have lost hope of ever doing so. I am talking about those men, women, boys and girls who for whatever reason might have gotten off track or who have been some how over-looked in life. As well as those men, women, boys and girls who are fortunate enough to be on the right track to achieving success. But just need some additional motivation.

Which makes the InspiringBlackMen.com website different because unlike the traditional magazines and television programs that showcase the life stories of major entertainers, athletes, movie stars and businessmen. This website will showcase the lives of everyday black men from all walks of life, businesses and professions. We are simply looking for men in our local communities who have Paid The Price and who have achieved a very high level of success in their local communities.

Never before in the history of this country has there ever been a specific project dedicated to showcasing and celebrating the success of local black men from communities all over this country. Men who for the most part, are Invisible to the general population. As a matter of fact if we did not create this website the success stories of many, many successful black men would never be told. This is something that really needs to be done for our communities and for our children so they can see that it is still possible to achieve success in America, regardless of what the statistics might project.

Who Qualifies To Be Nominated For The InspiredBlackMen.com website monthly recognition award process?

If you know a successful Black male in your community who has achieved a high level of success in his area of work regardless of what his profession might be. Please let us know about him.

We know there are many, many Black men all over this country who are working hard , doing the right thing and paying the price to succeed in America. But based on the current system we live in if a black man is not a famous athlete , entertainer , politician or in the news he will never receive any kind of positive recognition for the price he has paid to make it to the top of his particular profession.

As a result InspiringBlackMen.com will include the success stories and photographs of Black men from all walks of life and professions. Finally these well deserving Black men will be recognized for their positive contributions to America.

We want to know more about these men and we need you to submit their stories to us. Then each month throughout the year our panel of judges will decide on 10 men each month who will be showcased on this website. Each success story will include a detailed look at who these men are. What they have gone through to achieve success in their area of business. As well as any advice they would like to give to other Black men who are still striving to achieve success in life. This is a Free Community Service that is designed to showcase the success of Black men in America.

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